Chrome App Launcher

Chrome App Launcher Version 1.0 Free

Enjoy an easy and quick way to start Chrome apps right from your desktop

Google has a very vibrant app store that features thousands of apps related to the Chrome browser like the Google drive, Google wallet, Google translate and many more. You can easily download these apps and install them in your desktop for your personal use. But what if the count of the apps grows to a large number which makes it difficult for you to manage them? In that case, you can make use of the Chrome app launcher which acts as a single window of access for all your chrome apps.

The Chrome app launcher can be pinned to your desktop’s task bar so that it is always visible to you and you need not waste time searching for it. Apart from accessing Google apps, you can also access Google services using the launcher and control various settings like proxy settings and the display languages. You can also visit the chrome store to install the latest via the launcher. Users also have the option of making a change to the destination folder in which their downloaded files are stored by default. A Google search engine is also embedded into the launcher using which you can search the web without having the need to open the browser.
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